Sarah is a middle grade and young adult author who was born and raised in Iowa. Growing up she loved writing, drawing and expressing herself with the written word. She fell in love with her byline while writing for the school newspaper in junior high, high school and her freshman year of college.

She majored in English (non-teaching) with minors in Creative Writing, Film Studies and Criminology at the University of Northern Iowa. After graduation she jetted off to New York City for three wonderful years where she worked as an Administrative Assistant while exploring the amazing city and coming up with many books and ideas while walking through the historic streets. She learned confidence and spent her days exploring, observing and writing.

She moved back to Iowa with the intentions of writing full time. Within two weeks she met her future husband, an Army solider who was a country boy. Within two years they were married and starting a family. She continued writing while working at the school and public libraries. 

In her spare time when not working, writing, and chauffeuring her kids around you can find her visiting coffee shops and listening to podcasts and YA mysteries. She also likes to hike, fish, read, bake, watch movies and hangout with her family and friends. 

Sarah lives in a small town in Iowa with her husband, four kids and whatever animals they talk her into.


Favorite podcasts: Two Lit Mamas, The Happy Writer, I Am All In and #I Mom so Hard

Book I learned to read with: Will You Cross Me by Marilyn Kaye

Favorite books growing up: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
 As Long as We are Together by Judy Blume
The Hot and Cold Summer by Johanna Hurwitz

Favorite books now: Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson
The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Anything by Karen M. McManus

Movie: The Goonies

TV Show:
Gilmore Girls

Board game: Clue

Card game: Rummy

Terrified of: getting up in front of people

Favorite smell: coffee

Favorite sound: my kids laughing

Season: Fall






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