Pieces of me

Willy Fokenna Contest 2022
2nd place

pages of me

I quickly run to a closet
Hiding my tears
I can’t allow myself to break down 
At least not in front of anyone

I have to be strong for them
They need me to pick up the pieces
And glue them back together
From this unspeakable news

I wipe my wet cheeks
Put a smile on my face
So they don’t see the pain
Their little hearts can’t take more of that

Plans are thrown away
Our days are now limited
We need the little time that is left
To spend together as a family

Soaking in the memories
Experiencing our lasts 
Sitting side by side taking photos
And listening to stories

Pain pulses through me with disbelief
I give pieces of myself
To fill the holes in their hearts
So they don’t fall apart anymore

Hoping in the end that
I’ll still have one piece 
Left for myself