gone before me

Three months ago Dakota Brooks lost her two best friends. One to a sudden death and one because of her grief. Today she starts her senior year of high school and doesn't know how to do school or life without her lifelong best friend June beside her. The waves of grief knock her down repeatedly making her question everything. 

Lacy is still grieving from the loss of June and her friendship with Dakota. Her drug addicted mother abandoned her when she was a kid leaving her with an abusive father. She works non stop trying to earn money. However with no escape in sight she is spiraling downward and doesn’t know what she will do if she can’t get away soon.

The new guy in town, Army brat Colt Hudson, is secretly dealing with his own personal grief while living with his Grandma.  He is immediately fascinated by Dakota when he sees her in the cemetery talking frantically to a tombstone. He tries to strike up a friendship with her but she wants nothing to do with him or anyone.

Together they try to figure out what they want from each other and life. They navigate fights, love, grief, and the school hallways all while trying to balance unpredictable teenage hormones.


pages of me

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