Published in the Clarksville Star
August 18th, 2011

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sunday we fought back

Twenty-six days after the terrible terrorist attack on the U.S., on the world, 
President George W. Bush made the decision to attack Afghanistan.
The first round of retaliation on the Taliban.
Finally we are taking action.

As we search through the rubble of the towers we search for answers?
Should we fly?
Should we go overseas?
Are there going to be other terrorist attacks?
Are we all going to die? 

We can’t watch the news without hearing this word.
Beware of mail.
We might get more than a ‘Dear John or Jane Letter.’
We might be receiving our death certificate.

The government announces that they expect another attack any day and
Bump us up to the highest level of alert.
We are walking around on tiptoes.
Scared at the sound of a pin drop.
We go on with everyday life as a black cloud of fear hovers above us.

We fear for loved ones.
We fear flying.
We fear everything.
No matter where we are, North, South, East, West, Midwest, wherever.  
We are all vulnerable.

Nobody knows what to do,
What to say,
What to feel.
It’s not going to be easy.
This won’t be over for a long time.

Everyone is suspect.
Hate crimes occurring.
National Guard in airports.
Office of Homeland Security started.
“Trust No One” seems to be the new theme of our lifes.

Nuclear warfare. 
Biological warfare.
In the oval office,
To the classroom and even at the dinner table.
Numerous theories are discussed.

We turn to our comfort things.
Music, loved ones, books, entertainment, food.
Anything that helps us feel a fraction of safety.
We use these comforts as an escape.
An escape from the tragic act and the memories.

We find ourselves in controversy in October 2001.
The one hundred thirty-one page Patriot Act 
Is quickly passed through Congress.
To help prevent and react to terrorist attacks.
To unite and strengthen America.

But does it take away our civil rights?
Does it give too much power away?
To law enforcement agencies?
To our government?
Where should the line be drawn?

Halloween nears.
Hopefully it will be a good distraction.
It will get our minds off of the horror for at least a few hours.
We laugh and smile but with a sense of guilt,
Which will remain forever.

Emmys cancelled twice before they take place.
A Tribute to America airs.
Musicians and celebrities come together to raise funds.
Many donate money and time.
People moving on, helping out.

Fire fighters,
Police officers,

Business owners,

No matter what we do or what age we are,
We all have one thing in common.
We are human beings.
It’s not time to point out the differences from one person to another.
We should embrace the differences and learn from them.

Other great countries stand behind us with a hand on our shoulder in support.
Somebody must pay for this horrible crime against humanity.  
We threaten but we also take action to teach terrorists and everyone, 
That an act this horrible and unthinkable,
Will not go unpunished.  

One thing is for sure nothing is going to be the same, ever.
It’s not going to take one person.
It will take a nation,
The countries we’ve befriended,
And unlimited time and resources.

People will die.
There will be no winners.
No losers,
Or all losers.
No happy endings.