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Published in October 2021
Lyrical Iowa 2021

I scream

I scream for kids who go from school closures to hybrid and back
For the people who believe this is fake & less than 1% is okay
To the ones who are turned away from the hospital with no rooms
I scream for understanding to the ones making a political stand

I scream for the ones dying alone, longing for a familiar touch
For all the milestones of life that were canceled
To the mother separated at birth from her newborn
I scream for the selfish people who can’t be bothered to be kind

I scream for my Grandma who is all alone behind a tall wall
For all the lives that have been lost but could have been saved
To the lost memories for what might have been
I scream for the people who have lost their jobs and loved ones

I scream loudly for the world
For the frustration of the mixed messages we receive daily 
To us in this together which couldn’t be farther from the truth
I scream to open people’s eyes

I scream because that is all I can do
For the world who has to keep going
To not knowing when or if we will be able to breathe again
I scream and scream and scream until only silence remains